Content marketing

To promote your business and make your company shine.

Desired Results

What are your objectives ? Esprit de Corps will adapt to your specific needs.

Express your corporate DNA…

… because a company that shines is a company that inspires !

Reveal the value of your people…

… because behind your products and services is human talent which you can be proud of.

Attract and retain talent…

… by communicating your values and the challenges you undertake together.

Set yourself apart from the competition…

… by demonstrating that you take on what others feel is impossible.

Innovate with your product placement…

… by demonstrating through actions how your product can be useful.

Build trust in your brand…

… by capturing an authentic experience.

The Esprit de Corps Method

Apply a creative strategy to content creation, aligned with your communication challenges in which the main actors are your employees and products/services.

Make your company shine through teambuilding events, a challenge or a coaching initiative.

The following video represents what Esprit de Corps can do in terms of Content Marketing.

These companies trusted Esprit de Corps

  • Pomerleau
    A collaboration over several years that lead Pomerleau's management and employees to face major challenges.
  • Agropur
    lacking an image, Agropur set forth on an unordinary adventure: biking across Canada from West to East, and thus making the company known across the entire country.
  • Cepsa
    Quebec is the first cutting edge petrochemical factory to produce purified terephthalic acid, also known as PTA.
  • Mobeewave
    Called upon Esprit de Corps to train its executives to effectively manage the changes experienced by the company and pass the company values and codes onto the new recuits.
« Further, Stronger, Together. » A winning philosophy.

C’est une expérience qui m’a changé, qui a changé mes expériences de vie. Un défi comme ça nous amène à surmonter tous les obstacles qui attendent une entreprise de façon à être efficace.

Steve Bussière

C’est le rêve de toute entreprise que d’avoir un phénomène de ralliement. Les gens apprennent à travailler ensemble, ils comprennent la nécessité de la coordination entre les différentes équipes. Toute entreprise qui veut obtenir un certain niveau de cohésion dans ses équipes devraient faire appel à un tel programme.

Réjean Moreau

Other services which may be of interest :

Corporate challenges

This is the best formula for corporate performance.
Engage your teams in a major challenge that will allow them to obtain all tools required to improve your company.

Corporate challenges

Interactive conferences

Nothing is more boring that sitting for an hour and a half listening to theory from a lecturer. Yet, being a part of the action, participating in the examples, and sharing with those around you is surely a more dynamic way to demonstrate the theories presented by our conference hosts.

Interactive conferences

Team Building

In a company, engagement is required for effectiveness.
Through team building exercises or collective achievement sessions, our team will get your employees involved in the action.

Team Building