The collaboration between Groupe Pomerleau and Groupe Esprit de Corps Inc. could be the subject of several case studies. The story began when Pierre Pomerleau climbed Mount Washington with YPO de Montréal in 2009. Pleased with his experience, he decided to share it with his company’s vice-presidents and organize a challenge for them all to climb Mount Washington in 2009 (30 people).


The successful completion of that first challenge led to a second, this time biking, for one hundred participants (in 2010). This caused the Groupe Esprit de Corps to take on a complex logistic situation that was completely new to them. Finally, an even bigger challenge program took place between 2013 and 2014 ending in a 600-kilometer relay race between Montreal and New York City with over 220 participants.


Introductory Solution with Esprit de Corps


• 3 Challenge Programs (Mount Washington, Biking, and Running)

• Distance Coaching

• Creation of Marketing Content


Observable impacts on Pomerleau


• An improvement in the feeling of belonging, and an alignment of leaders with company values, which contributed to employee recruitment and retention.

• Development of the business culture created a thirst for results at work, as it did in the challenges, which resulted in a growth in activity.




« Our personnel is spread across 125 different projects; uniting them is important […] You can’t succeed in the challenge unless you do it as a team; it’s the best way to unite employees of an organization. » Pierre Pomerleau, Président

Pomerleau est reconnue comme étant l’acteur le plus important de l'industrie de la construction au Québec.