Groupe Esprit de Corps is a consulting firm specialized in leadership coaching, team building and the emergence of corporate cultures, founded in 2002 by Gilles Barbot.


Our team is made up of experts that are passionate about their work, from a variety of professional backgrounds : management/organizational development, coaching (leaders and mobilization) (Groupe Esprit de Corps certified) , public speaking , logistics and project/event management and visual content production, all of whom have several years of experience in their domain of expertise.


Organizational performance through human performance


We believe that engaged employees boost performance and sustain the development and success of companies. Human performance in our present-day societies is not a utopia. On the contrary, it is a necessity to create value and attract talent.


Provide the best tools possible for a greater human performance


We work towards revealing the full potential of employees and leaders for your company to achieve best-ever performances thanks to our bold and differentiating approach. We provide them with tools to improve their leadership and wellbeing.


Work according to our company’s founding principles


Our values encompass dynamism, excellence, team spirit and courage. Our goal is to mobilize team members towards a common goal. We put them into practice both with our clients and service providers and with our internal collaborators.


2002-2003: Creation

In 2002, Gilles Barbot founded Groupe Esprit de Corps, a company whose purpose is to improve business performance through human performance. The services it offers focus on the coaching of leaders and of executive committees.

2004-2005: Innovation

The large-scale corporate challenges and team building services expand in order to demonstrate to organizations in an ever more innovative and impacting way how important human performance is for their sustainability and their development.

2006-2014: Expansion

In 2006, Groupe Esprit de Corps, wishing to engage with society and positively impact it, creates the Esprit de Corps Foundation. In 2014, the foundation becomes the Atlas sailing team’s main partner, to internationally promote Quebecker sailing.

2015: Internationalization

Groupe Esprit de Corps keeps on growing and goes beyond the Quebecker borders and collaborates with panCanadian and international companies such as Cadillac, CEPSA and EO Charlotte in the United States, etc.