Team Challenge Programs

Demonstrate your company’s performance.


An exciting Esprit de Corps athletic challenge can be just the thing you need to take your business to the next level of performance.

Through our corporate challenges, your employees will learn how to push beyond their limits and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Increase employee engagement and create a sense of community as your team members overcome obstacles together!


Develop team spirit

As you rally your employees around a common project, they will learn to undertake challenges as a group and develop a sense of team spirit. After completing one of our corporate challenges, our clients report feeling a greater sense of connection with their colleagues and a greater motivation to work together.

Build confidence

As your employees organize and complete the event, they will take ownership of the challenge’s success. Each person will learn to better identify their individual strengths and what they can bring to the team. By building confidence, you will motivate your employees to achieve more together.

Grow your brand

Once your employees have run from one major city to another, climbed a mountain or sailed across an ocean, they will want to share their successes. Take advantage of this opportunity to show the world your company’s core values and what you have accomplished. Esprit de Corps can provide you with high-quality, professional videos and photos to use in your marketing materials or on social media.

Increase performance

It’s a fact—exercise and a healthy lifestyle have been proven to significantly increase focus and performance. Investing in an employee wellness program is one of the best choices you can make to drive your business forward. Through our corporate challenges, your employees will develop healthy habits that will stay with them beyond the end of the challenge and increase their level of well-being at work.

Attract and retain talent

There is no better way to improve employee engagement and retention than by investing directly in your employees. Create a positive work atmosphere, grow employee relations, attract top talent and help every employee bring out the best in his or herself when you participate in one of our challenges.

Give back

Stay true to your corporate social responsibility initiatives by turning your challenge into an opportunity for giving back. Support a cause that is important to you when you add a charitable component to your Esprit de Corps program. Our corporate challenges are a great opportunity to fundraise and make a difference.

The Esprit de Corps Method

Esprit de Corps will work with you to determine which kind of corporate challenge is right for your company. Whether you’re looking for a cycling, running, nautical or mountain climbing challenge, we will be sure to offer you one that is worthy of your ambitions.

Before the event, Esprit de Corps will guide you through a series of modules including interactive workshops, leadership training, teambuilding activities and inspiring business conferences. Your team will benefit from this training as they grow and learn how to work together. As you learn how to overcome obstacles in preparation for the big day, you will realize that it is the journey that matters—not just the destination.

The following video represents what Esprit de Corps can do in terms of corporate challenges. Contact us today to learn more about completing an exciting challenge with us!

« Further, Stronger, Together. » A winning philosophy.

Groupe Esprit de Corps truly believe in human and leadership development through changing mindset and building new culture. This is what Groupe Esprit de Corps is extremely good at and they do that like nobody else. This evolution and culture of Cadillac couldn’t have been possible without a solid partnership with Groupe Esprit de Corps.

Mahmoud Samara
Brand director

You don’t know how you’re going to respond when you’re pushed beyond your limits, what makes the challenge so exciting is that you discover yourself. It’s so wild it’s worth exploring.

James Ricci
General Manager
Roy Foss Motors