Psychometric Tools

The Esprit de Corps questionnaire

Measure the level of engagement and team mobilization in your company

We often refer to the esprit de corps to describe sports teams, well known universities or military units. What does it mean in a corporate context?

In concrete terms, if your organisation has a strong “esprit de corps” it means that your employees strive to make your company grow. It also means that they are interdependent and well equipped to surpass themselves and keep on performing in challenging situations.

Gilles Barbot and Dr Poirel elaborated Esprit de Corps’ questionnaire, which is designed to measure the level of “esprit de corps” in your organisation.

Evaluate your team’s engagement level

This questionnaire analyses the different spheres of the “esprit de corps”, including self-determination, life habits and interdependence. It will provide you with a clearer and concrete vision of the engagement and mobilisation of your teams.

Identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses

This questionnaire will put forward your company’s strengths and weaknesses. This will enable you to develop an action plan based on concrete and precise data.

Grow your business

By comparing the different esprit de corps spheres and establishing concrete objectives and ways to achieve them. Our certified team mobilisation coaches is here to give you advice on how to best achieve your strategic goals.

Follow the evolution over time

Take the questionnaire once more with your teams to follow their evolution and adjust your actions.

Inspire your employees

Display the results to your company’s different departments and enable them to build on their strengths to upgrade the company.

Compare your departments

Compare the results of your company’s different departments in order to have an overview of your business. Grasp each department’s’ strengths and needs in order to achieve your strategic goals.

The Esprit de Corps Method

This questionnaire analyses the different aspects of the “esprit de corps” trough 3 spheres: Further, Stronger, Together.

In order to measure your company’s esprit de corps in the most optimal fashion, this psychometric tool should be used by a large number of employees and benefit from the support of the direction. Following that, our team mobilisation coaches will be able to analyse the results.
They will provide you with precise and concrete results as well as share their observations and recommendations. This process will be based on your strategic objectives and geared towards developing your company and teams healthy and efficient fashion.

« Further, Stronger, Together. » A winning philosophy.

Groupe Esprit de Corps truly believe in human and leadership development through changing mindset and building new culture. This is what Groupe Esprit de Corps is extremely good at and they do that like nobody else. This evolution and culture of Cadillac couldn’t have been possible without a solid partnership with Groupe Esprit de Corps.

Mahmoud Samara
Brand director

You don’t know how you’re going to respond when you’re pushed beyond your limits, what makes the challenge so exciting is that you discover yourself. It’s so wild it’s worth exploring.

James Ricci
General Manager
Roy Foss Motors

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