Mobilize your employees to enhance your business performance

Our motivational conferences

For over 15 years, Groupe Esprit de Corps Inc.’s motivational speakers have accompanied companies all over Quebec and Canada to enhance their daily organizational performance.

Through their interactive, dynamic and stimulating conferences, our motivational speakers respond to your organizational problems by providing a unique and innovative approach which combines theoretical elements and practical applications.

All of our motivational speakers are leadership and team mobilization coaches. They benefit from years of experience in their fields. Discover their complete profiles here.

Cadillac, La Banque Nationale, ArcelorMittal and over 300 other companies have trusted Groupe Esprit de Corps Inc. to reinforce their business performance. We invite you to do the same and discover the main themes addressed in our conferences.

Develop your leadership skills

How does one become a good leader? Is our ability to meet new challenges innate or is it possible to work up to it?
Develop your leadership skills and enhance your managerial skills to inspire your teams!

Augment your team’s engagement and performance

Engaged employees are a sign of a healthy business.
How to mobilize your employees to reach a common goal? How to better manage stress on a daily basis and control your emotions when facing challenges?
Provide your employees with concrete tools to enhance their performance, engagement and energy levels on a daily basis.

Communicate efficiently with your team in times of crisis

How does one communicate efficiently in a situation of crisis to remain efficient? Which methods of communications should one favour to get to know team members and to communicate in a non-defensive fashion?

Enhance team cohesion and interdependence

Cultivate a feeling of cohesion and company belonging crucial to moving forward as a team on a common project, even in difficult times.

Create a healthy atmosphere and promote well-being in your company

How to create, maintain and optimise a climate of trust between co-workers? Which communication tools are needed to address difficult topics and to maintain that trust?

Customised conferences

Discuss with our motivational speakers to adapt the conference to the specific needs and objectives of your company.


Our motivational speakers spend time with you to adapt the content of the conference to the specific needs of your company and industry through the production of a clear and powerful message.

All of our conferences are interactive: we engage the participants in order to provide them with concrete management tools and maximise the impact of the message in the midst of action. We combine theoretical elements to practice.

Direct benefits our clients were able to see for themselves after our conferences:

– Greater employee engagement towards the business
– Development of management and leadership skills
– Enhanced stress and challenge management which make the employees more efficient and confident in times of crisis
– Development of a healthy atmosphere favorable to individual growth
– Enhanced communication and teamwork within the business

Here is an example of what Groupe Esprit de Corps can do in terms of interactive conferences:

Our motivational speakers

Gilles Barbot

Discover Gilles Barbot’s background

Gilles Barbot

Aviva Lavallée

Discover Aviva Lavallée’s background

Aviva Lavallée

« Further, Stronger, Together. » A winning philosophy.

Groupe Esprit de Corps truly believe in human and leadership development through changing mindset and building new culture. This is what Groupe Esprit de Corps is extremely good at and they do that like nobody else. This evolution and culture of Cadillac couldn’t have been possible without a solid partnership with Groupe Esprit de Corps.

Mahmoud Samara
Brand director

You don’t know how you’re going to respond when you’re pushed beyond your limits, what makes the challenge so exciting is that you discover yourself. It’s so wild it’s worth exploring.

James Ricci
General Manager
Roy Foss Motors