An internal study on all Cepsa factories revealed unsatisfactory results at Cepsa Quebec with regard to the well-being of its employees. The company was required to become more involved in the health of its employees and improve team motivation and feeling of belonging in order to maintain the firm’s growth level.


This context forced the petrochemical company’s human resources department to call upon the expertise of Groupe Esprit de Corps Inc. in 2014 to help reinforce team spirit as well as healthy lifestyles in the business.


When faced with this problematic, Groupe Esprit de Corps Inc. designed a team engagement activity for 150 people of various physical and mental profiles. Most of these people were strangers to each other and got to know one another through the exercises, which were more focused on cooperation and mutual help than the physical aspect.


Introductory Solution with Esprit de Corps


• Primo formula adapted to the workflow of employees:
• 1 conference

• 1 collective achievement session

• 1 evaluative questionnaire

• Creation of marketing content


Observables impacts on Cepsa


• Increase in internal cooperation and significant relatedness of the company’s various sectors

• Improvement in the quality of personal and professional relationships

• Increase in initiatives made regarding wellbeing and work involvement.




« It was great to see interactions take place among people who had never had the chance to chat; I was grouped with people I had never seen in the two years I’ve been here […] » Benoît Vachon, Computer consultant

CEPSA Quebec est la première usine pétrochimique de pointe à produire de l’acide téréphtalique purifié, plus communément appelé PTA.