Agropur, a Quebecois milk production cooperative, aims to be the leading cooperative in Canada. The problem is that it doesn’t have the image. For a company to be recognized across the country, it has to embark upon an adventure that’s out of the ordinary – like biking from West to East across Canada.


Seven of the company’s employees, along with three coaches from Groupe Esprit de Corps Inc., thus completed the 5000-kilometer challenge after 10 months of intense group preparation.


The trek, aside from its physical exploit, was an opportunity to contribute to charitable events in each province, which built up the company’s image throughout Canada.


Introductory Solution with Esprit de Corps


• Team Building Activities

• Biking Challenge Program

• Marketing Content Creation


Observable impacts on Agropur


• Improvement in the company’s image

• Increase in the company’s attractiveness and personnel retention

• Better media coverage of the company

• Reinforced team cooperation




« Most of us weren’t in shape, and were motivated only by this type of challenge, which is very difficult to complete. Together, we were able to push ourselves to succeed […] Magic came over all members of the team as well as the Esprit de Corps representatives and that proved to us once again that we are able to go further. » Jean Bernier Vice-President of Cheese Product Sales

Agropur est un acteur majeur de l'industrie laitière au Canada.