Banque Nationale

Banque Nationale

Banque Nationale, and more specifically its affiliate Agro-industrie, organized an event for all its accounting managers that focused on engagement. In addition to the purely strategic aspects, they also wanted their workers, who were all on the same hierarchical level yet did not work near each other, to get to know one another and grow closer.


Groupe Esprit de Corps Inc. thus developed a tailor-made afternoon-long program for Banque Nationale so as to hold a motivating and unifying activity to allow employees of the department to get to know one another and open up to each other.


Introductory Solution with Esprit de Corps


• Conference: “Facing the Unknown United”

• Engagement Workshop (Circle Activity and Cantilever Activity)


Observable impacts on Banque Nationale


• Improvement in mutual help in the department

• Improvement in the human resources management teams




« Today’s activity was an excellent way to create team spirit. It allowed us to break our work routine and become closer to one another…, Sylvain Gadbois, participant

Depuis 150 ans, la Banque Nationale n’a pas perdu son statut de principale institution bancaire au Québec.