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Transmettre l'esprit de corps pour une meilleure performance humaine



Aviva Lavallée joined Esprit de Corps in 2007 as a leadership and mobilisation coach before becoming director of the department. She is an company Associate since 2015.


Aviva guides companies such as Cadillac Canada, Therrien Couture, Accuracy through coaching sessions, team building programs and leads conferences on team work performance.


She undertook challenges such as biking across Canada, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, running between Montreal and New York and climbing Mount Washington on multiple occasions. Her passion for sports brought her to compete in a professional senior rugby team for 7 years and to sail in the West Indies.

All of these human experiences of collective achievement and personal development are her source of inspiration and her ways of changing the word.


Always on the lookout for innovative mobilization and educational tools, her goal is, at its essence, to transmit the “Esprit de Corps” to different businesses to enhance their human performance and competitivity.