Walk your talk

The latest in a series of internal leadership programs organized by Esprit de Corps for Esprit de Corps began in August and is preparing all fo the staff to Climb Mt Washington, NH, in early December.


Uniting interns, employees and directors the aim of the program is to demonstrate in action, that the company practices what it preaches. To do so, the team participates in collective training session 2x a week and leadership workshops once every two weeks.


According to Justine, an intern at EDC, it helps “bring the leadership you have on the field into the office. Some people who are naturally timid, who might generally be followers, begin take the lead on critical issues in their work”


For Rafaelle, in customer service, “it’s a real opportunity to be part of such a program- it truly develops our resilience and perseverance. We are actually experiencing what we offer our clients making us all the more able to give advice and deliver on our promised to clients.”


As mentioned by Pierre-Alix, Project director at Esprit de Corps : « EDC’s approach is based on the premise that as a team you can further than alone. Doing an internal leadership program gives us the opportunity to work on our own company. It is also a great means of achieving work-life balance, as the benefits are personal and professional.>>


A few days ago, a preparatory challenge took place on Mount Royal, as the program is entirely internal, the challenge was overseen by four company directors whom are also certified Esprit de Corps coaches. A critical step in the team’s preparation, the challenge was meant to test and evaluate physical and mental capacities.


Each equipped with hiking boots and a rucksack averaging 18kgs, the group overcame various trials lasting for over six hours: deciding on the best way to pack our bags, running uphill, climbing the stairs of mount royal several times and practicing carrying casualties on stretchers. The night was long and arduous, but full of excitement and learning opportunities.


The preparatory challenge reinforced the importance of teamwork and reminded the team that it is essential not only to know one and other’s qualities but also their weaknesses. Together, they overcame obstacles by daring to ask for help when necessary and having the generosity to give back when possible.


In the feedback session that followed, individuals recognized that even in the workplace, these were skills which they could benefit from applying even more.


Next step: one month of training left before Mt Washington