Stress is your friend

How can you demonstrate that completing challenges as a team is an evolutionary adaptation? Let’s have a glance at Kelly McGonigal’s conference.


We strongly recommend you – and all those who wonder why we do it – watch this video if you are interested in mental focus and are convinced that together, we can go further!


In this conference, several studies from Harvard University are presented, which teach us that the best way to make stress our friend is to accept it as a bodily reaction that predisposes us to complete challenges. If you accept this belief, especially when you are stressed, turn to others to ask for help, or remain altruistic in the solution, you will cancel all negative effects of stress! (Supported by physiological proof).


Thus, the next time you get palpitations and sweaty palms, summersault out of bed on the day of your Mount Washington climb, or are afraid of missing your relay departure because a teammate woke you up just 10mins prior, think of the present moment, and the fact that your body has the phenomenal ability to react in unforeseen circumstances and give you the necessary energy to complete your challenge and be courageous.


And if you feel like you can’t do it alone or other people might be worried about the same situation, communicate and share. The fact is that together we have a better chance of succeeding – nature says so!


Watch the conference to learn more!
Do you see a parallel with your Esprit de Corps Challenge?