Quiz: What Type of Leader Are You?

What Type of Leader are You?

Discover your leadership style!

You’re an Empathetic Leader!

Respect for the Individual
As an Empathetic Leader, you respect each person and their individuality. You concern yourself with each employee’s personal growth and potential.
You have a personable attitude based on empathy, and nurture interdependent relationships with others. You enjoy having discussions with your employees to understand their intellectual and emotional state.
Thanks to your willingness to adopt a conciliatory attitude, you are well-versed in the art of dialogue and reaching compromises. You are shrewd and can conduct yourself delicately.
Your natural sense of relationships contributes greatly to the well-being of your employees!

You’re a Pragmatic Leader!

As a Pragmatic Leader, your emphasis is on action and experimentation. You deploy every possible effort to arrive at success because, for you, results are what count.
On a daily basis, you like taking on concrete projects, bringing them to success and moving on to a second, third and fourth project. Once you get going, you can’t be stopped!
For you, scientific and technical knowledge are superior to other types of knowledge. You stay on top of new innovations and try to apply them in your domain, as you love progress and learning.
Your dynamism and autonomy make you a real asset to your business!

You’re a Symbolic Leader!

As a Symbolic Leader, you see yourself as an integral part of your workplace team, as this community gives you a strong feeling of belonging. Your business is your second family. Your leadership style can thus be described as somewhat parental.
You can see farther than your day-to-day operations. You’re a visionary, and you are leading your team towards a mission or cause that you care about.
You are a master of the art of constructing eloquent and imaginative dialogues, full of symbolism, poetry and sentiment. You inspire your employees by showing them your way of thinking.
Equal parts parent and hero, you are a model and an inspiration for your employees!

What are your most important values?

Respect, equity and freedom

Efficiency, curiosity and initiative

Loyalty and cohesion

According to you, the world is…

A living and sacred organism

A place for human beings to flourish

Full of energy and resources

When kicking off a project, you have a tendency to…

Experiment: you proceed by trial and error until you find the best solution

Imitate: you base yourself off your role models and try solutions that have already been proven

Listen: you try to understand the context and discuss the different points of view involved before making a decision

Your favourite game is:

Mastermind: you excel in logic

Pictionary: your creativity has no bounds

Guess Who: you ask the right questions and you know how to listen

You consider yourself to be…

A counselor: you prioritize dialogue and the individual

A builder: you ceaselessly accomplish your tasks with efficiency

A symbol: you are inspired by your predecessors and seek to uphold tradition

Ever wondered what kind of leader you are?


Not every leader is created equal. While certain leadership skills are essential for any good leader, every individual leads in a different way. Your own unique leadership qualities are part of what makes you, you!


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The Empathetic Leader

The Empathetic Leader is characterized by their respect for diversity and the unique nature of people. The main priority of the Empathetic Leader is watching people grow and unleashing their potential.  They can also be called a relational leader, because they try their best to relate to others in order to understand their feelings. They are good listeners, and are willing to compromise.

The Pragmatic Leader

The Pragmatic Leader emphasizes experimentation and action, and is constantly searching for new efficiencies. For this rational leader, results are paramount. On a daily basis, they love taking on new projects and finishing them quickly so they can move on to the next one! Once they’ve been started, they can’t be stopped.

The Symbolic Leader

The Symbolic Leader identifies with their team because it gives them a strong sense of belonging. The business is their second family, so the leadership they exercise is strong and parental in nature. Their discourse is often imaginative and visual, filled with personal references and driven by a charismatic eloquence. This leader has a mission to fulfil, a cause to defend, a work of art to create. In their social relationships, this leader accords a strong importance to ritual, tradition and routine.


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