What if David join forces with Goliath ?

We have all heard of the auto manufacturer Cadillac. For nearly 114 years now, Cadillac customers have been living unique experiences. But one of its greatest adventures, the brand currently lives it, and we are lucky enough, with Esprit de Corps, to be part of it !

Despite their popular name, some consider the past fifteen years to have been pretty difficult for the company; hence putting a strategy in place to drive the brand to the top of luxury vehicles.


Since the arrival of the new worldwide president Johan De Nysschen (previous CEO of AUDI), the company launched its new campaign DARE GREATLY in an effort to attract a new clientele and optimize its ranking. The campaign included major investments in new vehicle models as well as entry into two new categories for Cadillac (example :mid-size SUV XT5).

It began a few months ago and is making people curious. The media is sceptical and wonders, promising mottos aside, how the company will actually evolve and “DARE.”


This is where Esprit de Corps comes into play !

Canadian Cadillac representatives discovered the values and missions of Groupe Esprit de Corps at a conference by Aviva Lavallée dealing with the mobilization of the iProspect Direction team.



Seduced by the added value Esprit de Corps could bring them up in the internal and external layout of their campaign “Dare greatly”, Mahmoud SAMARA, Sales and Marketing Director in Canada Brand wanted to work with us for many reasons :

  • Team building (employees-dealers) that integrates the “Dare Greatly’’ motto ;
  • Creating content (videos/photos/reports) that would demonstrate that behind the luxury product, the individuals and teams truly do “Dare Greatly,” both at work and in their personal lives.


At this time, we are more than proud that a world-renowned brand like Cadillac chooses our company to support its most ambitious campaign in its history and influence in-house new management practices between retailers and employees.

With us, the Cadillac team will dare to challenge itself and push further its limits.After finalization of the negotiations, the partnership is done: we embark on the “Dare greatly” adventure, planned over a minimum two-year period. Between 2015 and 2016, participants from 28 to 69 years old will experience an out of the ordinary corporate adventure, with the goal of supporting the rebirth of Cadillac : During this period, they would not only benefit from the support of Esprit de Corps’s team building and leadership coaches, but also face major challenges (biking challenges between NYC and Toronto, surrounded by Cadillac vehicles; and hiking challenges, reaching summits in the middle of winter).


Groupe Esprit de Corps invites you to follow this adventure as they share monthly updates of the steps Cadillac and its provider-partner Esprit de Corps will take along the way : How participants were involved in the launch of this new partnership ? How did we have “the courage to dare” to meet the need for Cadillac ?  How early challenges have impacted practices to move towards the new vision of this brand ?  These are the steps we will make you live each month.


Follow us !


Groupe Esprit de Corps Inc. CEO