Springtime on your plate: Interview with Olivier Renière

The nice weather has returned. It’s the time to get back into fitness and make certain resolutions with regard to what you put on your plate. We met with coach and naturopath Olivier Renière to get some nutrition advice.




Hello Olivier, what would your first tip be with regard to getting back into exercise?
When we get back into fitness, we also become active again. You will need to increase the amount of protein you normally consume by about thirty grams. Protein can be found in meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and also pulses, soya, and tofu.


What should we eat before exercising?
Two hours before a workout, you would ideally consume a regular meal. If you don’t have the time and don’t have anything in your body, I would recommend fruit and a handful of nuts. It’s one of the most effective solutions one hour before a workout. You should try not to eat too much before a workout, however don’t exercise on an empty stomach.


And post-workout?
Right after working out, you can consume food for recovery. It’s best to consume food rich in protein or carbohydrates (bananas, compote …).
What are the top 3 best drinks to consume?
Water is of course the drink to consume without moderation! I also recommend green tea, and sugar-free electrolytes.




What’s a quick and easy meal to prepare?
All meals require a minimum of preparation yet some take less time than others. What’s simpler than preparing a salad? Simply purchase some vegetables and cut them up. For people with access to a microwave, you can heat up broccoli with a pre-cooked chicken breast.


What would you recommend eating when extra hungry?
Once again I would go for meat and lipids. This means eating more nuts, avocados, olives, cheese… Lipids will be more filling than pasta or potatoes.




Chocolate is a great way to delight oneself. When is best to eat it without feeling guilty?
After a workout, if you crave something sweet, don’t hesitate. This is the best time. And I recommend dark chocolate. The higher the percentage of cocoa, the better it is for you.


How can you combine pleasure and balance in a dessert?
This can be done simply with a fruit salad. I recommend eating a variety of different colored fruit. It’s nicer to look at and thus more pleasant to eat.


Do you have one more piece of advice to add?
Yes, you should never be afraid of eating raw vegetables. For example, you can bite into a green pepper just as you would an apple. They make for easy snacks. Grab a half of a cucumber or carrot when you feel like a snack – they don’t require any preparation.
We would like to thank Olivier for his precious advice, and wish you an energetic and bright spring!