The Foundation was founded in 2006 by Gilles Barbot. The Esprit de Corps Foundation is committed to empowering single parents facing adversity by helping them become more resilient and developing their full potential. The Foundation involves individuals in team-building spheres in order to overcome feats they never thought they could.


More than 1, 400, 000 single-parent families were recorded in Canada in 2006. The Esprit de Corps Foundation sought to create a program that would benefit these families by restoring their strength and their motivation so as to face every-day challenges. To find out more about the programs, click here.


The Esprit de Corps Foundation is managed by a Board of directors consisting of individuals from the business community:
- Gilles Barbot
President – Chairman of Esprit de Corps
- Theodore Fairhurst
President- Property Management Fairhurst and Lecturer
- Aviva Lavallée
Coach and Director of Coaching – Esprit de Corps Group
- Emmanuel Poirel PhD
Professor at the University of Montreal
- Sébastien St-Hilaire
Investment Advisor at Desjardins Securities
- Michel Savonitto
Lawyer and founding Partner – Savonitto & Ass.
- William Riverin
LLM. Fis



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The Foundation is able to finance its programs through the following means:
Sponsorship events organized by the Foundation such as the Montreal-New York Challenge.
The Montreal-New York Challenge: an annual fundraiser that raises fund to support the Single-parent programs.
The Esprit de Corps Group Inc. provides logistical support, human resources and expertise in leadership and team mobilization.