Five Ways Motivational Conferences Help Boost Employee Performance

While internal training has its benefits, employees, managers, and decision makers often see value in attending motivational conferences to help enhance their workplace practices and improve internal performance. While some less dedicated employees see it as a chance to go crazy with the company credit card, others truly see the benefit of conferences and are constantly pushing for exploring new conference opportunities. So, what are the benefits of attending these special events? Here are five ways motivational conferences can help improve performance in the workplace.

1. Acting On Expert Advice And Meeting Influencers

While facetime with your business idols is no guarantee, motivational conferences give you the chance to meet thought leaders and influencers from various industries you previously only got to follow online or in print. Whether it’s getting one on one advice, picking someone’s brain, or just saying hello, real life conferences give you “once in a workday” opportunities you can take advantage of.


2. Unhindered Learning

As author Stephen Covey describes it, conferences give attendees a chance to “sharpen the saw”. Conferences give employees a chance to disconnect for a moment and simply dedicate time to improving their craft. While you are “working” while attending and travelling to conferences, you get a chance to leave the regular day to day behind and simply focus on the subject matter of the conference you are attending. While saws will cut wood, a sharpened one will do the job much faster than a dull one and conferences give you the time for some proper mental maintenance.


3. Stronger Networks

Networking isn’t just making “work buddies” according to, it’s a chance to explore solutions and techniques that can be applied within your workplace. The same goes for motivational conferences! These types of events allow for the exchange of information, tactics, and strategies for keeping everyone on-board and motivated within the workplace.


4. Fresh Perspective

Internal training and engagement activities can be very useful but sometimes the “same old, same old” can drain the drive out of your employees. Motivational conferences give employees a fresh perspective on issues often simply by getting people out of the office and learning within new environments.


5. Exposure To New Technologies And Initiatives

Sometimes it isn’t just advice that will help improve your workplace. Conferences often expose you to new tools and programs that can improve your workplace performance and overall satisfaction. Whether it’s nutritional programs that help power your team, apps that allow for better employee feedback, or initiatives that help improve team collaboration, there is always new tech out there ready to improve your workplace.
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