Communauto, a way of working, a way of life

Communauto, a company created in 1994, is a pioneer in its market of offering users car-sharing services. They advocate fundamental values, both on social and environmental levels. The company maintains its creativity so as to continue to perform and separate itself from the competition. Communauto’s internal mission is to offer its employees a meaningful work experience, regardless of the position or authorization entrusted. The company’s directors and managers work together to provide an extremely stimulating work environment for their employees by having them reflect internally on motivation and life. This was made concrete in 2014 by optimizing and redecorating their workspace. The employee committee decorated the office by hanging inspiring quotes on the walls and naming their spaces so as to put their touch on the place.   It’s in that context that Esprit de Corps was able to intervene and interact with this advancing company. We organized two conferences on various subjects such as leadership in a winning team, facing daily challenges, and effective communication. These various initiatives fell within their “health approach” and on a larger scale a confidence approach initiated in 2013 with the institut de la confiance dans les organisations (ICO). The human resources director, Marie Gorgeon, would like the employees to be flourishing and strong proponents, and to be an active part of the approach. The company has provided them with an environment where they can attain their goals and help Communauto evolve.   The company has been recognized for its mission, the environmental values it advocates, and its quality of service for the past 20 years. It is now taking up the challenge to learn the values their team has and maintain their success.   To learn more on the conference Groupe Esprit de Corps offers in the workplace, write us at:   For more information about Communauto, go to: