Hector Larivee at Mount Washington

Esprit de Corps and Mount Washington are like old friends!
Since 2005, our teams have been going there, mostly in winter ,largely due to the reputation the mountain has for having the worse weather in North America.  Weather the  visibility is  100yards or 10 feet, the skies are sunny and warm or cloudy and  cold,  we’ve never been disappointed.

Hector Larrive Washington 270x169 Hector Larivee at Mount Washington

Our expedition with the board and top managers from Hector Larivee , was no exception!
For 8 months, the 14 team members of Hector Larivée followed a tough training programme combining nutrition workshops, communications workshops, biofeedback, personal coaching and team trainings in order to perform better as a team.  The team also  prepared with a grueling preparatory challenge at  Mont Tremblant, including  intervals on  the mountain and several repetitions of the steepest portions.
Their preparation would serve them well.  Higher summit forecasts  before they left the valley predicted 85-100mph winds. Gaining ground slowly in the valley floor the group  hiked f3 hrs before sleeping in lean to’s in  Hermit  Lake shelter, Mount Washington, looming over them .
The second day presented a greater challenge,  4000ft of elevation and a transition from the  forest area into an  agitated alpine zone. For  16 hours, the team  battled the elements.
Since reaching the summit is an option, but descending safely is a priority the auto road was chosen as the safest way down despite  full exposure to the wind.  Arms laced together
to avoid being blown off their feet, marching in rythm,
like an army of soldiers ,
they fought their way down the mountain.
Once down the mountain and back among  the trees,  the team remained humbled by their  experience but proud. Hard to imagine from the sunny valley below, what the conditons  were like up in the clouds above.
Congrats to the team and the Esprit de Corps coaches for this achievement!
Watch the video of their arrival here.